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Full name

Jill Quindiagan


2D Game Artist and Visual Designer


San Jose, CA


Social and mobile games artist for production and marketing. Loves cute things, games, handmade and bicycling.


I have been a creative artist in the social gaming circle for over 5 years creating fun and eye catching illustrations for interactive environments and personalized character dress up for Gaia Online. I’ve provided designs of characters and creatures for mobile gaming gigs such as Gaia Interactive’s Monster Galaxy and Rumble Kitten.

I also have knowledge of marketing art and branding with Kabam Inc. I have been involved with the production of ads, re-sizing, localizing, and designing across web, social, and mobile platforms. I’ve also done work that involves remastering low-res game and art assets to hi-res for use in promoting Kabam’s games.

My latest gig that I had the honor of working on was TinyCo's and Fox Digital Entertainment's Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. I've been involved with the production of creating captivating game assets such as buildings, various environment decorations, and icons. The following events I was involved in was Fantasy, Apocalypse, WWE, Jolly Farm, and Mythology.

I’ve also had an interest in PC gaming for awhile. The last game I really enjoyed was Left 4 Dead parts 1 and 2. I’m also a fan and follower of the Blizzard lore and games since the first Starcraft.

Besides games, I enjoy creating with my hands such as knitting, crochet and the latest thing I got myself into is sewing. I’m also an avid cyclist who enjoys casual, commute and for fitness (climbing!).


Senior 2D Artist


Fremont, CA · September 2016 – Present

-Creating marketing content: Adwords, Non-incentive, Google Play, and Facebook Ads.
-Understanding new ad trends on Facebook such as slideshows and carousels.
-Illustration and painting over 3D models for marketing content.
-Some illustration for storyboarding video ad campaigns.

Game Artist


San Francisco, CA · February 2016 – May 2016

-Game artist for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff
-Responsible for creating buildings, props, icons, and a variety of environmental elements to the game.

Associate Production Artist

Kabam Inc

San Francisco, CA · August 2014 – September 2015

-Ad production and design across web, social and mobile platforms for Western and Asian markets
-Knowledge of visual and design trends for marketing game titles
-Remastering low-res assets to hi-res 2D illustrations

Marketing Artist (Contract)

Kabam Inc

San Francisco, CA · July 2013 – August 2014

-Resizing, localizing and designing ads
-Remastering illustration and art assets


Gaia Interactive

San Jose, CA · February 2008 – April 2013

Experience in providing assets in various styles and formats that include:
-Background illustrations, buildings and props for flash game environments (isometric view)
-Character and creature illustration
-Pixel sprite fashion for GaiaOnline avatars
-Produced artwork and sprites for site wide Events: Halloween, Special Olympics, Frontier Skies, and Prom


BFA - Animation, Visual Effects

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA · 2004 – 2007

-Studied foundations art
-Focus on 3D modeling and texturing for games

2013 Bicycle Commuter of the Year , Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Gaia Interactive Kabam Inc


Photoshop, Corel Painter, Maya, Illustrator


Visual Design, Illustration, Isometric Illustration, 3D low poly modeling, Marketing Art, Advertising, Branding, Video Games